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About us

Deep in the Andes of Peru, a land of exceptional fertility and natural beauty, Bounty Crops' story unfolds. For generations, indigenous communities cultivated ancient grains and seeds, harnessing the power of the Andean earth.


Recognizing the extraordinary quality of this soil, Bounty Crops emerged as a bridge between ancient wisdom and global demand for high-quality, organic products. With deep respect for the land, we curate a range of organic Andean seeds and grains, a tribute to the enduring legacy of this remarkable region.

Today, as we share our products with the world, we carry the spirit of the Andes - one of harmony, sustainability, and excellence. With every bite, we invite you to taste the essence of a land that has given so generously to us all

Luz de la tarde


"At Bounty Crops, our mission is to nourish and inspire a healthier world through the cultivation and distribution of high-quality, organic Andean seeds and grains. We are committed to providing our customers with simple-to-use, responsibly grown superfoods that enrich their lives with flavor and vitality."


"Our purpose at Bounty Crops is to harness the natural bounty of the Andean region to deliver exceptional, organic superfoods that elevate well-being. We strive to connect people with the essence of nature, promoting a lifestyle of health, sustainability, and joyous culinary experiences. Through our products, we aim to empower individuals to make nourishing choices for themselves and the planet."

Examinando los cultivos


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Bounty Crops LLC

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